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Catch The Echoes: River Tawe

River Tawe

Catch the Echoes: River Tawe

Eavesdrop on voices from the past
as you travel along the River Tawe.

About the project
As the River Tawe ceased to be an industrial working river it became almost invisible - only occasionally glimpsed by commuters from the modern road bridges and by-passes of the A4067. Yet its waters were the reason for Swansea and the Swansea Valley’s growth and wealth in earlier centuries. Polluted, dirty and smelly it was used, then ignored. 

Now boat rides, bike trails and access to towpaths are once again opening up a now clean river. As you travel past or pause to enjoy the flowing waters; catch an echo of past voices as they gossip, grumble and confide in you the listener and in doing so catch an echo of the lives, history and heritage of those who lived near the Tawe.

From its rural beginnings through the remains of the now-faded industrial heritage to the modern city at its mouth, bridges mark where the river could be crossed and communities meet, play and earn a living. 

Writer David Hughes and four local writing groups have chosen just eight of the forty plus bridges that span the forty odd miles of the river’s length and imagined someone near these bridges. Together the monologues and montages of voices speak of the history of Swansea valley and the river that runs through it.

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